Wine and Culture trip

Wine is part of this nation’s culture and if someone came to Romania and would not taste our wines, it would be like looking at a church from the outside and not going inside! During this tour you will meet, feel and taste the wines of the most famous wine regions in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, which was split in two parts after World War II, one is the Romanian region of Moldova, the other one being the Old Bessarabia, nowadays known as the Republic of Moldova. But both regions are linked through their famous and good wines! We will start this adventure with a Moldovan wines tasting.
1 -й день

Arrival in Bucharest

Сентябрь 27 го , 2021

Включенные моменты:

  • a short City Tour
  • dinner accompanied by a tasting of Romanian wines and presentation about vineyards
  • the chance to talk to a professional sommelier

Включенная еда:
  • Welcome dinner
2 -й день

Discovering Carpathians

Сентябрь 28 го , 2021

Включенные моменты:

  • Peles Castle in Sinaia (the summer residence of the Romanian kings, at the foot of the high Carpathians).
  • Lunch and sparkling-wines tasting in the Rhein & Azuga Cellars, recognized between the two World Wars as “The Supplier of the Royal Court of Romania”.
  • Dracula’s Castle in Bran
  • Brasov and accommodation at a 4* hotel located in the downtown

Включенная еда:
  • Lunch and sparkling-wines tasting
3 -й день

Discovering Sighisoara

Сентябрь 29 го , 2021

Включенные моменты:

  • Fagaras fortress,
  • Cincusor, Cincu and Agnita Fortified Churches,
  • Special lunch in Fagaras, where we will taste Romanian dishes made after old traditional recipes,
  • city tour of Sighisoara (the Clock Tower built in the XIV century, Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) House, the Wooden Covered Staircase, the Hill Church, etc),
  • Accommodation at Hotel Cavalerul 4*.

4 -й день

Discovering Eastern Carpathian Mountains

Сентябрь 30 го , 2021

Включенные моменты:

  • the impressive sheer limestone walls of the Bicaz Gorges
  • City tour of Iasi and visit of the the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Culture Palace, the Golia Monastery, the Trei Ierarhi Church, etc.

5 -й день

Departure to the Republic of Moldova

Октябрь 01 го , 2021

Включенные моменты:

  • Soroca town known for its sizable Roma minority,
  • Soroca Fortress built in the Middle Ages
  • Roma’ district of Soroca, famous for its “posh” palaces,
  • visit a local family in order to get familiarized with the Roma way of life,
  • Japca Monastery, known as the only monastery in Moldova that was not closed during the Soviet Period.
  • Tipova monastery, one of the most visited sites located on a rocky bank of the Dniester River

6 -й день

Enjoying Wine Festival

Октябрь 02 го , 2021

Включенные моменты:

  • Branesti Winery, visit the wine complex and have a wine tasting,
  • special lunch in a peasant house
  • visit to Old Orhei – a museum complex that presents the remains of different civilizations
  • an Orthodox cave monastery
  • visit and taste the wines of one of the biggest underground wine cities in Europe – “Cricova”
  • city tour of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, during which we will also enjoy the Wine Festival.
  • special dinner in “Carpe Diem”, the best wine restaurant in Moldova.
  • accommodation in 4* Hotel Flowers in downtown Chisinau

Дополнительные моменты:

  • Chisinau by hight

Включенная еда:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
7 -й день

Wine Festival at Asconi, Chateau Purcari and Et Cetera Winery

Октябрь 03 го , 2021

Включенные моменты:

  • Wine Festival at Asconi Winery
  • Purcari Winery
  • Et Cetera Winery
  • Special wine tasting, dinner and accommodation at Et Cetera.

Включенная еда:
  • Breakfast
  • Special wine tasting and dinner
8 -й день

Discovering Transnistria

Октябрь 04 го , 2021

Включенные моменты:

  • City tour of Tiraspol (the capital of Transnistria),
  • excursion and tasting different types of caviar in a local sturgeon complex
  • transfer to airport/Bucharest and departure home

Дополнительные моменты:

  • if time allows, we will visit the museum dedicated to the Transnistrian conflict.

Включенная еда:
  • breakfast

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Спасибо за прекрасный отпуск. Твоё знание своей страны и языков невероятно. Я наслаждался каждой минутой! Наилучшие пожелания тебе и твоей семье, Боб.

Дорогая Виктория,

В мире не хватает прилагательных, чтобы адекватно описать опыт посещения с вами! Вы, безусловно, повысили мою оценку вашей страны. Я многому научился у вас на разных уровнях. Ваши организаторские способности неординарны, и Explore определенно получит чрезвычайно положительные отзывы Нам очень повезло, что вы были с нами во время этой короткой поездки.

Еще раз спасибо за все, что вы сделали так красиво с грацией, юмором и улыбкой. Я желаю вам всего и всего самого наилучшего на данный момент и в будущем.

Дорогая Виктория!

Большое спасибо за то, что познакомили нас с вашей страной, ее едой и людьми! Мы возвращаемся домой с множеством прекрасных воспоминаний - благодаря вашим превосходным организационным навыкам!