Discover the orthodox world by living in it

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We will visit many monasteries, some of them not so well- known, but each of them having something interesting to show. We will see new and old churches/monasteries, we will see that life and tradition didn’t change here since many centuries, that even now the life is almost the same as 1000 years ago. You will overnight in monasteries, you will eat with the nuns and monks, you will talk to them, you can ask any questions you want, and so, by living, hearing, seeing you will understand a little bit of the beauty of the orthodox world, and enjoy living simple, eating well and healthy, and also relaxing your body and soul from the stressful life. It will be NOT an excursion, it will be an EXPERIENCE. May be not so impressive from art and history point of view, but for sure extremely impressive from the experience we will have interacting with local people and people from these monasteries.

Despite the fact that 50 years of hard communism destroyed some of the Romanian churches and monasteries, the fact that Ceausescu in the 80’s had a strong campaign against the church and everything related to it, many of them survived in good or worse conditions and many have been reopened after 1990.

1 st Day


Included highlights:

  • Arrival in Iasi
  • Direct transfer to Neamt area,
  • Dinner and accommodation either at Varatec convent (nun) or Neamt monastery (monk).

Included meals:
  • Dinner
2 nd Day

Between monasteries

Included highlights:

Neamt area is one of the most important monasteries/orthodox region in Romania, if not THE MOST IMPORTANT. The jewels of the crown are two monasteries. One is Neamt monastery, to which all important leaders of the Romanian ortodox are linked. The next jewel is AGAPIA and VARATEC, two sister monasteries, convents, having together almost 1000 nunes. You will see what they do in their workshops, how they live and learn about their belief.

  • The Varatec Convent
  • The Agapia Convent
  • The Neamt Monastery
  • The Sihla Monastery
  • The Sihastria Monastery
  • The Secu Monastery
  • Free lunch
  • Dinner with some of the high ranked people in the monastery

Included meals:
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
3 rd Day

Bucovinean Monasteries

Included highlights:

  • Voronet Monastery, said to be the most impressive of them all, as it displays a special colour, the Voronet blue, which is considered an original one, next to Tiziano’s red and Veronese’s green
  • Humor Monastery, renowned for the unique, colourful exterior frescoes on the walls
  • Free lunch
  • Dinner with the nun abbot of Vorona Monastery
  • Overnight in a new monastery, Vorona. The experiences you will have, and the interesting discusions with the nun abbot in Vorona will be one of the highlights of the trip.

Included meals:
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
4 th Day

Discover the monasteries in Iasi region

Included highlights:

  • Visit Probota Church
  • Visit Miclauseni Monastery
  • Lunch at the Micleuseni Monastery with the nun abbot
  • Visit Vladiceni monastery
  • Discover a small Neo-Gothic castle, built by one of the most important noble families in Eastern Romania, Strudza. The Castle was the summer residence of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, famous for unifying two Romanian provinces: Wallachia and Moldavia under the name of Romania.
  • Dinner and accommodation.

Included meals:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
5 th Day

Exploring Iasi

Included highlights:

  • City Tour of Iasi, the most important historical, economic,and cultural center in Northeast Romania
  • The Metropolitan Cathedral,
  • Culture Palace,
  • The Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery, unique architectural masterpiece
  • Same accommodation
  • Enjoy blessed meal at farewell dinner with the abbot in the monastery of Vladiceni
  • Surprise!! We will have the opportunity to hear Byzantine Church music sang by a student’s choir from the Theological University of Iasi.

Optional highlights:

  • Visit of a monastery next to Iasi.

Included meals:
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
6 th Day

Departure home

Included highlights:

  • Departure home

Included meals:
  • Breakfast

What People Say

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Have you ever wanted to go on a culture-wine-food tour? In California? France? Italy? Please, have some imagination! Be a little adventurous and go on one in Romania and Moldova. 

It was my good luck to participate in a tour organized by Ways Travel, during which i checked out the many wonders of Romania and Moldova. 

Our group on the bus was an international gang of nine – a Belgian, a German, a Norwegian, an Australian, a few Americans of interesting ethnic alloys and me, dual Dutch and American citizen. What can I say, it was an experience just sitting on a bus with these people and hear their war stories and get initiated into the workings of the behind-the-scenes travel industry. 

Leader of our tribe was the fabulous tour guide Victoria, who speaks four languages, English, German, Russian, Romanian, one of those people who makes a simple bilingual person such as myself feel humble and uneducated. 

The trip was a symphony of history, food, drink, music and dance. Dancing with the Gypsies no less. I tell you, it was fabulous, it was intoxicating. We got history – a dizzying whirl of wars and battles and bloody strife. Of conquests and annexations, of armies rampaging through the countryside, raping, pillaging and impaling. We heard colorful tales about Dacian tribes, the Roman Empire, the Red Horde, the Saxons, the Ottoman Empire, the communist era under Ceausescu. And let’s not forget to mention good old Count Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, who hailed from Transylvania. Really, we deserved every drop of hootch we got along the way to recover from all the tragedies we vicariously suffered through. 

In Romania we loved the beautiful towns of Sibiu and Sighisoara. In Sighisoara we missed seeing the house where Dracula was born because a movie was being filmed and they’d closed it off for visitors. Fortunately, we had a liqueur and brandy tasting to cheer us up. We hadn’t had lunch yet and our stomachs were empty, which helped raise the mood quickly. 

A highlight was our visit to the home of a Roma family in Transylvania and learning more about their culture and lifestyle. (You can read a story about this on my blog here.) Not all Gypsies are beggars living in the streets of large cities. It’s always a good thing to be disabused of your prejudices and preconceived notions. 

We stayed in excellent hotels and lodges, as well as in a humble hostel run by a monastery. We ate fancy restaurant food as well as simple village fare. We saw exquisite as well as cheery architecture, visited opulent cathedrals as well as the modest underground monastery chapel in Orhei Vechi, not far from Chisinau. The vino flowing across the miles was a charming mix of the good, the bad and the holy. The holy being the wine we tasted in a monastery, blessed by the priests. Unfortunately, the blessing did not transform it into nectar of the gods, but the dinner there was quite gourmet, all prepared from food grown by the monks without chemical assistance. 

We also visited Transnistria, which is a rather unique place, as most of you will already know. It is also home to the famous Kvint brandy factory and would you believe, we went there for a brandy dégustation – seven varieties of brandy. It was very informative, interesting and intoxicating. It was also lunch time, but fortunately there was food. We eventually struggled out of there, back on the bus, across the border that is not a border, and traveled down to the Purcari wineries in the south of Moldova where we were treated to . . . you guessed it . . . a wine tasting. Of ten types of wine. Not just any old village plonk, either. No, we got to sip the wine of kings, queens and tsars. Our livers got a workout that day. 

I’m going to stop here. There was more, much more, but I don’t want to give away everything, because what you should do, really, is check out Ways Travel’s website at .

Dear Sirs! Upon a recent visit to Chisinau in Moldova, i required the assistance of a local guide, as my knowledge of the country was very limited. My guide was a young lady by the name of Ms. Natalia Cojuhari, i wish to place on record that her skills as a guide were quite unparalleled. 

The qualities that i look for in a guide, local knowledge, helpfulness, and a person’s overall ability to ensure the group they are responsible for, find out as much about the area they are visiting as possible. I believe that Ms. Cojuhari fulfilled all these requirements, along with her overall friendly demeanor, i believe makes her a first class tour guide.

Hi, Natalia! I contact you in order to thank you for your help, guidance & company while i was in your country. I will have to say, i did particularly love being with you, on those 2 trips i made. If you don’t mind me saying so, i think you are a lovely & charming person, and it was a great pleasure for me to meet you.