Family Expedition in Romania and Republic of Moldova

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Romania and Republic of Moldova are fascinating travel destinations that are family-friendly, relatively inexpensive and much less touristy when compared to other European nations. It’s filled with amazing natural beauty, fairy tale castles, medieval towns and delicious authentic food that will leave you wanting more. This 14-day itinerary is the perfect option if you decide to take your little ones for an adventure that you all won’t forget. You will start in Bucharest and explore the eclectic Romanian capital during an interactive private tour. Next, you will go deep into Transylvania and learn its legends, myths, and history. We're sure that everyone has heard about Dracula’s Castle and your children must be eager to explore it room by room, right? This trip combines famous castles and palaces, the unique wildlife in the Carpathian mountains with active tours and delicious Romanian deserts. Continue to Moldova to discover amazing undeground wine cities, feel like visiting grandma in the rural area of Old Orhei and enjoy a great experience kayaking on the Dnestr River. Choose this tour that includes the best family-friendly places in both countries and is aimed at creating the perfect adventure travel and bonding experience for your family.

1 st Day

Arrival in Bucharest, Romania

May 01 st , 2023

Included highlights:

Arrival to Bucharest, Romania. Meet your guide at the airport and transfer to a 4* or 5* Hotel from downtown Bucharest. Rest of the day at leisure to adapt to the local time zone.

2 nd Day

City tour of Bucharest

May 02 nd , 2023

Included highlights:

Start the day with a panoramic city tour of Bucharest with the main points of interest: Royal Palace, Revolution Square, the Patriarchal church etc. Continue later, with a visit to the Parliament House (former Palace of Socialism during Ceausescu’s dictatorship—the second biggest building worldwide after the Pentagon). With 1,000 rooms, which were once the workplace of 100,000 people in the last days of the Communist era, it is both admired and reviled by the Romanian people. In the afternoon, together with your local guide walk around the downtown of Bucharest discovering the layers that history has left for us to see. If guests are bike lovers; Enjoy the stories of 'Bucharest-Little Paris' on a 2-3 hour bike tour. In the decades since the ’89 Revolution, Bucharest capital city has reinvented itself as a confident and cosmopolitan capital. It has developed a unique personality, which has given rise to its own special way of doing things. With chatty locals, great museums, green areas or forgotten industrial places, amazing cafés and restaurants and the overwhelming People’s Palace, you will enjoy a great experience by bike. Same accommodation.




3 rd Day

Leisure Day in Bucharest

May 03 rd , 2023

Included highlights:

For this day, we have selected the best activities for families with children/teenagers, from which guests can choose depending on their interests: 1)Visit to the Animals Farm, the first domestic farm in Romania set up in a park-style area and designed especially for children’s enjoyment. Its primary purpose is to encourage interaction between children and domestic animals, familiarizing young children with them in an environment close to the idea of "countryside." 2) Edenland Park is one of Romania's most complex adventure parks, as well as one of the largest. Here, the activities are numerous and diverse. Children and adults are offered 14 trails in the trees, with varying degrees of difficulty, equipped with the "Life Line" system, which provides comfort and added safety. The trails range from the "Pici" trail ( children aged 4-6 years) to the "Tarzan" trail, recommended for children aged 16 and over. In addition to the tree trails, at Edenland Park, you can go climbing, horse riding, rent bikes, jump from 15 meters high (Eden Jump), shoot archery, play minigolf or Airsoft, and much more. 3)For car enthusiasts – visit to Țiriac Collection, an excellent suggestion for spending time, especially for parents with boys. Cars are a fascination for any little boy. And who in Romania has a more fascinating collection of cars than Ion Țiriac himself, who was once… "a whisker away from Davis Cup"? So a visit to the Țiriac Collection Gallery will bring children face to face with dozens of impressive car models from the most important car manufacturers, from Rolls-Royce to Ferrari, from Maserati to Aston Martin, from Mercedes-Benz to Jaguar. The collection includes all seven Rolls Royce Phantom models from the 1–7 series, including two from the 4 series, of which only 18 cars were produced between 1950-1956. 4)What more can children enjoy, especially on a hot summer day, than a dip or a slide? Why not spend the day in Therme Bucharest-one of the largest spa centers in Europe, with a large variety of wellness facilities including thermally heated indoor and outdoor pools, themed saunas, mineral pools, water slides, saunas, and massage services. At Therme București, nature meets man in the most beautiful setup, which hosts the largest botanical garden in Romania with over 800,000 plants, including 1,500 palm trees, orchids and many other unique species. With entertainment and recreational facilities that are completely new in Romania, Therme Bucharest is the ideal destination for the whole family.




4 th Day

Bucharest – Peles Castle – Brasov – Bran

May 04 th , 2023

Included highlights:

Transfer to Transylvania region, best known for its mysterious scenery and the myth of Dracula. Prince Charles of Wales is a big fan. The heir to the British throne first visited Transylvania in 1998 and has been a regular visitor ever since. The Prince of Wales is involved in conservation of rural villages and has bought and restored a handful of farmhouses. First stop — in the city of Sinaia, described as the "Pearl of the Carpathians" and home to the "fairy-tale" castle, Peles Castle. Visit of the castle with a professional guide. The Castle used to be the former summer residence of the Hohenzollern King’s family in Romania. It was built in 1875 and is the most beautiful in the S-E of Europe. It was originally used as the summer residence of the royal family. Enjoy a wine tasting tour (only for adults) at the Rhein-Azuga Cellar (30 minute drive), which is known as the preferred winery of Romanian royalty. The winery specializes in making sparkling wine in the traditional method. After your tour, have lunch at the winery and soak in the picturesque surroundings. Later in the afternoon, we shall enjoy Braşov city tour. Once the richest and most important city of Transylvania, which by the 15th century was the largest town in the principality and had commercial links with the Middle East. A town with a melancholy beauty with its rust-coloured roofs, which make a wonderful contrast with the forested hills. Piata Sfatului is a marvelous, theatrical space which is often used for concerts and festivals. We will not miss the Black Church, which represents the amplest and most important monument in gothic flamboyant style in Romania. We can consider the Black Church as the most powerful symbol of Brasov, bearing its name after a great fire in 1689. In the evening, we reach Bran village and its notorious castle, best known as Count Dracula’s former residence. Accommodation in a 4* Hotel from Bran.

5 th Day

Bran castle and off-road to Bear Sanctuary from Zarnesti

May 05 th , 2023

Included highlights:

Start the day with a visit to Bran Castle, best known as Count Dracula’s former residence. This fortified Gothic Castle, dated 14th century, was used during the Middle Ages as a defence against the Ottomans' raids. The museum within the castle exhibits Romanian and foreign furniture and art objects from the 14th–19th centuries. Continue with an off-road tour to the Bear Sanctuary, hosting around 75 bears. The off-road tour offers you the opportunity to visit the countryside of "Barsei Country", allowing us to reach the most isolated places and enjoy a picnic with great views. The Libearty Bear Sanctuary is the biggest brown bear sanctuary in Europe and has the largest surface in the world. Here you can see happy bears in their natural environment after a bad life in circuses and zoo cages. The tours are guided by trained animal welfare experts and the visitors can see brown bears really close. Back to Bran and same accommodation.

6 th Day

Brasov – Fagaras – Sighisoara

May 06 th , 2023

Included highlights:

Departure to Sighisoara. On the way, we will stop in Fagaras for a visit to the medieval fortress dated from the 14th century. The citadel, located not far from the highest peaks of the Transylvanian Alps, played an important role in the military and administrative life of Transylvania. Gourmet lunch in a famous local restaurant by the best chef in Transylvania. Arrive in Sighisoara (also UNESCO site) later in the afternoon and enjoy a walking city tour. Founded by Transylvanian Saxons during the 12th century, Sighisoara (Schassburg in German) still stands as one of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this perfectly intact 16th century gem with nine towers, cobbled streets, burgher houses and ornate churches rivals the historic streets of Old Prague or Vienna for atmospheric magic. It is also the birthplace of Vlad Dracula, also known as Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), ruler of the province of Walachia from 1456 to 1462. It was he who inspired Bram Stoker’s fictional creation, Count Dracula. Further drive to Danes and overnight at Dracula Domaine.



7 th Day

Day at leisure at Dracula Domaine

May 07 th , 2023

Included highlights:

Day at leisure to choose from:

1)Activities at CHILDREN CENTER that offers: pony riding, therapeutic riding, horse care classes; 2)Dracula Daneș Equitation Center – for both beginners and advanced riders – guests can take initiation and advanced training riding classes. For advanced riders, there is a possibility to take horseback circuits on tracks in groups of 2-5 persons; 3)Other possibilities: When guests want to take a break from riding, they can ride alone or in a group of 5-17 persons with a horse-drawn carriage or, during the winter, with a sleigh with bells. The Târnave area is extremely attractive for bird-watching lovers since they can discover birds that are typical of the forest habitats. You can fish in the Târnava Mare River, close to the Dracula Daneș Domain. History buffs can visit the numerous cultural edifices in the ”SiebenBurgen” area, the fortified churches of Biertan, Sasghiz, Mălăncrav, Valchid, Laslea, Seleuș, Hoghilag, Viscri or the medieval castles and citadels from Sighişoara, Criș, Dumbrăveni, Rupea or Mălăncrav.


8 th Day

Sighisoara – Bicaz Gorge – Agapia Monastery - Iasi

May 08 th , 2023

Included highlights:

oday we leave Transylvania behind and make our way to the Cultural Capital of Romania: Iasi. On the way, we stop in Valenii village to visit a genuine Gypsy/Roma family, where you will discover their culture and style of life. Later, we will enjoy a very scenic drive along the Bicaz Gorge, one of the most unique landscapes in Romania. A nice experience will be a photoshoot at the Red Lake (Murder Lake), the largest natural mountain lake in Romania, its name coming from the reddish alluvia (iron oxides and iron hydroxides) deposited in the lake by the Red Creek. Next visit to Agapia Monastery, the biggest convent with more than 500 nuns and visiting the workshops of the monastery, where we will learn how the icons are made and not only. Arrival to Iasi. Accommodation to a 4* Hotel downtown.

9 th Day

All day in Iasi

May 09 th , 2023

Included highlights:

After breakfast, enjoy a guided city tour of Iasi, the most important historical, economic, and cultural center in Northeast Romania. The city was the capital of Moldavia from the 16th century until 1861 and of Romania (Romanian Kingdom) between 1916-1918 during World War I. We shall visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, Cultural Palace, Golia Monastery, Trei Ierarhi Church etc. We will not miss the Library of Iasi Technical University, included in the list of the most majestic libraries in the world and ranked the 23rd from a total of 162 libraries. Here, due to the late 19th-century decorative style, you will feel like entering into the atmosphere of Harry Potter's Hogwarts. In the afternoon, free time to enjoy the garden of Cultural Palace or shopping for souvenirs. Same accommodation.


10 th Day

Iasi – Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

May 10 th , 2023

Included highlights:

Today we cross the border to Republic of Moldova. Our first stop will be at the Honey Museum in Raciula, where we will learn about the life of bees, taste different kinds of honey and other honey products. Here, we will also enjoy a traditional lunch cooked by the lady of the house. Arrival in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova and walking city tour, including: The Organ Hall, the City Hall, the Nativity Cathedral, the Bell Tower and Arch of Triumph, the Government building, Steven the Great and Saint's Park with the Moldovan Classics Alley and bust of A. Pushkin, Statue of Steven the Great and Saint, the Parliament building, the National Opera, the Presidential Palace etc. If the family is interested, we can organize a tour of Chisinau by bike. Accommodation in Chisinau to a 5* or 4* hotel.


11 th Day

Chisinau – Cricova – Old Orhei

May 11 th , 2023

Included highlights:

After breakfast, we leave Chisinau and drive to Cricova winery, which is a real underground wine city with wide streets, warehouses and tasting rooms. The total length of its galleries is 120 km. The constant annual temperature of +12C and 82-95 % humidity are perfect conditions for aging quality wine there. Just Excursion - NO wine-tasting.  No trip to Moldova is complete without a visit to Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) - an Open-Air Museum Complex, which is “arguably Moldova’s most fantastic sight”. First let’s stop to a family for a cooking masterclass and learn how to prepare the traditional Moldovan pies – “Placinte”. Until the pies bake in the oven, we will visit an Orthodox cave monastery called “St. Maria Dormata” expanded and modified inside the cliffs by the monks over the centuries ago and preserved in a functional state. Upon returning to our hosts we will enjoy a very special dinner, trying the “placinte” we have made. Accommodation in the village to a guesthouse.

12 th Day

Old Orhei – Transnistria – Stefan Voda

May 12 th , 2023

Included highlights:

Today we invite you to discover Tiraspol (the capital of Transnistria) – the old USSR is still alive and well in Transnistria. Transnistria is a breakaway territory within the internationally recognized borders of Moldova but still retains the look of a Communist state and it’s called "the last remaining Stalinist dictatorship in Europe. City tour of Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria and visit with caviar tasting to Aquatir, a large sturgeon-breeding and black caviar-processing industrial complex. In the evening, we shall arrive at Mester Faur Guesthouse in the Stefan Voda area, a territory of the Ramsar Zone, the most forested part of the Republic of Moldova, where the best flora and fauna have been preserved, which is of great interest to both scientists and those who love to relax in nature. The guesthouse "Mester-Faur" is open to all nature lovers and is the perfect solution to forget about everyday worries. The pension has a wooden house (bungalow) covered with reeds at a height of 6 meters above the water where we will be accommodated.

13 th Day

Kayaking on Dniester River or…

May 13 th , 2023

Included highlights:

Day at leisure with several activities to choose from:

1)Forest walks, fishing, boat trips, kayaking, horse-cart rides through the forest; 2)Wine tasting at the Purcari Chateau or Etcetera winery (two of the best from Moldova).


14 th Day

Departure back home

May 14 th , 2023

Included highlights:

Transfer to Chisinau and departure home.

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Hi, Natalia.

This weekend I made some order in my holyday pictures. There I found your card, and therefore I hereby sent you the best greetings from Greenland with my thanks for Your guidance during my stay in Moldova late September. It was a great experience for me to visit your country, of which I got a good impression even if I only had a few days there.

Hello Victoria, Thank you again so much for the tours last week! I had a lot of fun, and you are an excellent guide. Orheiul Vechi was really beautiful, and some of the photos came out very nice. I also really liked Chateau Vartely, so thank you for coming up with the idea to visit there. 

Tiraspol was quite interesting and bizarre, and I'm glad we went, even with the cold and rain. The Kvint distillery was very good. I had to resist finishing the whole bottle. I hope I'll be able to visit Moldova again sometime before too long. I will also let you know whenever I come to Romania.

Hi, Natalia! I contact you in order to thank you for your help, guidance & company while i was in your country. I will have to say, i did particularly love being with you, on those 2 trips i made. If you don’t mind me saying so, i think you are a lovely & charming person, and it was a great pleasure for me to meet you.